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How can a person reverse the self-exclusion program (TRESPASS) from a casino or all casinos in Iowa?


By signing the TRESPASS form, an individual has voluntarily banned him or herself for life from a casino or all casinos in Iowa, depending on which form was completed. This lifetime program is mandated by an Iowa legislative statute once a form has been signed. The IGA does not have the authority to overturn the directive. For more information, contact one of the Iowa Gambling Treatment providers listed on our website.

Questions regarding accessibility to a casino property hotel room, banquet hall or other area (besides the gaming floor) need to be directed to the
casino property. The IGA encourages players to gamble responsibly and be aware of the 1-800-BETS-OFF helpline for assistance.

In 2013, a bill was brought to Governor Branstad that would have allowed gambling addicts who had voluntarily banned themselves from casinos in Iowa to resume gambling after five years. Governor Branstad vetoed the bill, saying: "Treatment experts have found that addictions tend to be life-long, which is why the voluntary lifetime ban serves a valuable public purpose. This voluntary ban option is an important part of Iowa's laws relating to responsible gaming." Read the Des Moines Register coverage of the veto here.

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